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Music [Oct. 24th, 2007|09:23 am]
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[music |The Waterboys: Whole of the Moon]

It is not often I make radio-listening suggestions.


However one morning on my way into work while I was scanning the dial (my CD player is broken in my car *pouts*) – I found a station up in Detroit, MI call ‘The River’ on the FM dial (for me) at 93.9 – they play adult alternative – cool stuff I have not heard in years.  I am talking ‘the good stuff’ -  not just ‘pop favourites’ (an example (the Waterboys: ‘Whole of the Moon’ – who the hell plays The Waterboys unless its college radio??)


So it turns out that there is another radio station I found on-line (live streaming) called the River – also at 93.9 but up in Massachusetts.  Both stations are incredible – the one is Massachussets is better only because they play such a variety of music – form Bob Dylan to Sarah McLachlan, to instrumentals, to punk….I mean it’s all there….all you have to do is listen.


Yeah…nice….why can’t Cleveland have radio like this?