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On the rocks - 'When my body thinks - all my flesh has a soul' [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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On the rocks [Jun. 30th, 2010|03:42 pm]
[mood |worriedworried]

How do I break through this wall that has seemingly sprung up?

No one is saying that you are totally responsible for everything - except you.  You have a help mate, someone wiling to shoulder things and stand by your side.

This relationship is a work in progress.  We BOTH have made mistakes.  We BOTH have hurt each other. 

I don't see what good lashing out and anger accomplish except to further build up a wall between us.  I know that is not what *I* want...I did not think it was what you wanted either.  Ultimatums don't bring us closer.  I want to build up not tear down.  I am willing to acknowledge my own actions and I would hope you would do the same.  It is through wanting to work together that we will be able to be successful in our relationship.

Once we said that we should be a shelter  from the storm for each other.  We have strayed from that.  I want to find my way back.  I want us both to....I want the shelter of your arms and your love.  I want to be what you need as well.

I have never stopped loving or caring.  Perhaps my methods of dealing have been tinged with stress, with life, with feeling overwhelmed, with the endless crap that seems to creep in....it's not what I want to 'inform' my life.  But it's hard nevertheless to escape from all that life throws at you - at us both.

It is my fervent hope, my prayer, that we will overcome these problems and move forward still committed to each other and to the love we began together.