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Weapons of Mass Confusion... - 'When my body thinks - all my flesh has a soul' [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Weapons of Mass Confusion... [Aug. 15th, 2008|09:04 am]
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[mood |angryangry]

 Ya know....

Part of the problem here is that I can't cross-post between my blog and here - that would rock!


Lately, I have been surrounded by a lot of confusion and miscommunication.  As well as just plain irritation in the form of people not living up to their end of the bargain on the service end of work I have had done.  

I got my nails done for my wedding - a manicure.  Turns out the tech that did the manicure was a bit hard of my nail beds and now my nails - which were actually pretty healthy before the wedding.  So now they have white lines and spots all over them and they are weak like I wore fake nails.

I did not notice this until I came back from my honeymoon - I mulled it over and about 2 weeks after that give or take, I decided to contact the salon and explain what happened.  The owner asked me to come see her - she sounded like a frantic poodle on the phone....

So a week later I went on a Saturday to show her the damage.  She looked at my nails and asked me all kinds of questions - like what products I was using (I was using their line of products), and whether I had any allergies (fair question but I have never had any allergies to nail polish etc).  She brought over a nail tech who took one look at my nails and informed me it was damage from 'fake nails' (*loud buzzer*) WRONG! When I said this they brought over yet ANOTHER tech to look at my nails and she asked me the same questions.  I felt like I was in a bad scene from 'Hogan's Heroes' trying to explain to the Nazi salon bimbos that I knew what I was talking about because well these were um - MY FUCKING HANDS and I have lived with my nails all my life, furthermore, I know my own body.

I left feeling put out because instead of the typical 'wow we fucked up (if only because YOU the customer who pay us thinks so) and hey we don't want to lose your business - here let's make it better)....but NO, I was informed that the owner of this salon (you know the person who gets to make all the decisions), had to talk to the tech who did the damage...um...OK.

2 weeks went by, not a word.  I called three days in a row....finally the 4th day I got the owner.  She said to me that she was not sure how to handle this problem other than by offering me a gift certificate....she was very upset and even sounded like *I* was putting her out by having to do this (meanwhile let me remind you my nails are now completely messed up and will be for months - they actually hurt because they keep peeling and breaking off).  The owner informed me that she wished I would have come in 'right away'.  Um WHAT THE FUCK?  FIrst of all can you say honeymoon?  Secondly while indeed one needs to complain in a timely manner how the fuck does that repair the damage your idiot tech did to my nails?????  I was so pissed off by this exchange that I wrote her a long, and rather nasty letter....

Last night in the mail I got a coupon for $25 buck - now mind you all told just for the manicures alone, I spend over $60, not to mention the hundreds I spent on my hair, my step-daughter etc for my wedding - I think it was close to like $300.00.  This is bullshit....and I am really upset....

So since THIS post is running kind of long - I will post yet another about my Yoga experience because karmically I think I just burned a bridge  but I don't really care at this point and that's not a good thing... 


[User Picture]From: aroundtehcorner
2008-08-16 06:43 pm (UTC)
I'm so sorry hon...

did she at least include a letter of apology or anything like that?

I'd probably send something to the better business bureau and Angie's List if they are on it.
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